The Traveller: Tourist Places in South India

The Traveller: Tourist Places in South India | Kerala Only


Tourist Places in South India | Kerala Only

Southern part of India is filled with wonders and heritage. The Nilgiris to Pondicherry, the whole of south India is full of mystics and majestic wonders. In this series of best places to visit in South India, we will progressively cover the places that you must visit once you are here. We will do this state by state. So let’s start with the God’s Own Country, Kerala.

  Whenever the talk is on the air about tourist places in south India, Kerala perhaps appears first most of the time with the exception of Tamilnadu at times. This is not a co-incidence. The total footfall in Keral during the year 2018 was alone 150 lakh approximately. There is hardly any competitor in this field that comes close to Kerala. However, it’s easy to get misguided and miss certain places and experiences in Keral that can become a life’s asset. Here’s we will list down 5 such places.

  To start with, you must visit Alleppey or Allappuzha, which is sometimes referred to as Venice of south India. It’s a wonderful connection of backwater canals through the villages of Kerala. You can not only enjoy natural air condition but also witness daily life of native people here. Stopping by to get fresh coconut water is a must do here. You can checkout our detailed blog post on
Alleppey for more details. 

In a Sikara

  The next must visit place is Periyar. Periyar is not on tourists top 5 list most of the time and that is a big miss. It’s a jaw dropping beauty in the heart of Kerala. The lake, the forest and the mist. It’s just amazing. Do book a hotel close to the entrance of the Periyar lake because it’s a rush for tickets at the wee hours of the day. You can get more details here on our blog post on Periyar.

During morning ride

  Kochi city, i.e., old Kochi should also be in your must visit list. Chinese fishing nets in Fort Kochi to Jewish Synagogue, Kochi has so much to offer. Ernakulam, the new city also has a few cruse trips. Don’t miss the sunset trip. More details in our detailed blog here

Chinese Fishing Net

  Kovalam beach which is close to capital city Trivandrum, must be visited because this crescent shaped beach can give you some amazing photographs. The sea fish stalls next to the beach are fresh as sea water. Trivandrum city has many city attractions ranging from the temple with Gold more than Fort Knox to the Casual Zoo. You can find more details here
Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach
  Kera visit is not complete without the visit to the mystic mountains of Munnar. Although winter or summer might be the best time to visit this mountain range, monsoon holds a pleasant surprise for the hungry traveler. Do remember to visit the conversation for Mountain Goat. More details is there in our detailed blog.

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