Five days in New York: Itinerary for a family trip - PART 4


Our Family Trip Itinerary

1.Madison Square Garden

2. Madison Square Park

3. Lego Store

4. Flatiron Building

5. Chinatown

6. Little Italy

7. SoHo, Greenwich Village and Chelsea

8. High Line Park

9. Galleries in Chelsea

10. Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

With incredible speed we reached the last day of
our trip to New York. As we already knew, it would never be possible to see
everything we wanted but we still had many plans for this day. The trip was
tiring, but it was a weariness we easily forgot because of all the magic we
were seeing.

Our days were being full and we felt that the
programmed days allowed us to make the most of life in the city. Of course, as
it was a family trip, we ended up not really getting to know New York’s
nightlife, which must be fabulous, but during the day we tried to make the most
of it.
This complex is world-renowned for its memorable
musical performances, as well as being the “home” of four of the
city’s professional teams, including the New York Knicks (NBA), the New York
Rangers (NHL Ice Hockey Team) the New York Liberty (WNBA) and the New York
Titans (NLL lacrosse team).
Unfortunately we did not have the opportunity
(for financial reasons) to watch any show in this mythical room, but we did not
want to miss the chance to walk around and see its exterior.
As the exterior is not extraordinary, we leave
here a delicious video of a concert of the LCD Soundsystem in this room, to see
how special it is.

Then we took a short walk to Madison Square
Park. When we talk about parks in New York, we always think of Central Park,
which is really fabulous. But Madison Square Park turned out to be a beautiful
surprise. In the midst of the tall buildings of New York and the bustle of its
streets, it is an ideal place to rest, to look at nature and, of course, the
squirrels, as we have also found them here. It is a garden full of trees and
very well cared for, frequented by both locals and tourists, and also by many
dogs, because there is a Dog Park there.
In addition to this oasis in mid-Manhattan, if
you are looking for a place to eat, we can not forget that there is a Shake
Shack in this park, which we loved when we went on our second day in New York (see HERE).
The previous day we had visited the Lego Store
of Rockefeller Center (you can see HERE our visit to the store
but when we were walking towards the Flatiron Building, we had the nice
surprise of finding a new one Lego shop, which we had to visit, something that cannot
fail in a family trip.
This store was not as impressive as the one at
the Rockefeller Center, maybe because it is the second one to be visited and
the desire to visit it at first was enormous. But this is a very large store
too and as it was not so crowded, it allowed us to play with laos in a more
relaxed way and have a great time.

Our next step was to see the Flatiron Building,
which was right next to the Lego Store. This was one of the first skyscrapers
in the city and its name is due to its shape, which resembles an iron ironing

It’s not allowed to visit its interior but it is well worth the walk
next to it, because it is one of the unique images of New York. It is also
great for taking your photos, we just wish for good luck to get you done
without having people to pass in front of you.
Although we were able to walk all the way, as
the distance was still great, we took the subway to Canal St to Chinatown.
Before we refer to Chinatown, just a word about the Metro in New York, This is
an experience you have to do, even though we have already traveled by metro in
several countries around the world but walking in New York is different. It is
difficult to explain, we can ensure that we always feel very safe and that we
strongly recommend this experience but it is difficult to put into words, we
just say the classic Just Do It.
Another unique experience is entering Chinatown.
Here it seems that he entered another world, in another country. You will enter
the middle of an immense confusion, in which in the first moments you will feel
invaded by multiple sound stimuli, visual, olfactory … Many people love it,
others hate it. It is true that you will find a very disorganized place, even
dirty but the truth is that we loved it, and the huge offer of restaurants led
us soon to look for where to have lunch, needless to say, in a restaurant of
Chinese food. It is also possible to find other gastronomic offerings,
incidentally, even a McDonald’s exists there, with Chinese characters.
But we went after the Chinese meal and we loved
it. Prices very good, dishes immense and full of flavor, we loved it. After
lunch, we got lost in the streets, where you will find hundreds of little shops
that sell everything you can imagine. If you want to buy counterfeit goods from
famous brands, here is your place.

After our visit through Chinatown we walked
towards Little Italy. Here we were a little disillusioned. It is true that the
streets are more beautiful than Chinatown but, Little Italy seems to be being
invaded by Chinatown and, aside from beautiful, nicely decorated streets and
some restaurants, the experience ends quickly.

As we were not going to eat
there because we already had lunch, the tour was fast and we quickly headed to
Soho, which is a short walk away.
 SoHo, Greenwich Village and Chelsea
Then we took a walk through SoHo, Greenwich
Village and Chelsea as we headed for High Line Park. This tour, of about 2 kms
we take to know where the New Yorkers live and, reveals how the city managed to
modernize and restructure, maintaining its old charm. These neighborhoods have
been subjected to enormous architectural regeneration, which makes it perfect
for living or, in our case, to walk through it.
It is in this area of ​​the
city that several artists have lofts, and we find several art galleries, which
mix with fashion shops of international companies and countless restaurants for
all budgets, where the will to enter is enormous. This is an area of
city that, unlike others, allows us to have a picture of what it’s like to live
in New York.
This is one of New York’s newest parks but it is
already an image of the city and it is perfect in the city. The idea itself may
seem strange but, it results in perfection. The idea was to build, in an old
railway line, a park that stretches along several streets of the city and,
truthfully, it was beautiful.
This park is suspended in the air and, along its
route, you can enjoy the art facilities around it, the various stalls, small
markets and sales, enjoy the extraordinary view through the middle of Manhattan
and, whenever you want to sit will have numerous banks for this purpose.
This park is situated in an area that stretches
from Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District to West 30th Street between
10th and 11th avenues, as you can see here on Google Maps.
Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

Well, this was an issue that left us a bit sad
but we were already telling it to be difficult to achieve. Neither of us had
ever been able to see an Aircraft Carrier closely and we wanted to visit the
Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. But we also knew that it would be very
difficult to have time on this last day to do it, and we were already prepared
for the impossibility of visiting it, not least because the museum closes at
5pm. But one of the reasons we did not prioritize this visit was because we had
other plans for the next step of our trip, namely in Washington, which we will
talk about soon on our blog.

For it was near the closing hour that we
arrived. The Museum is right next to the Hudson River and we made it about 2
kms walk to the Museum (good thing we took the stroller, our salvation) and,
although tired, we were happy to have done it, because we loved it see the
Intrepid, even if only on its outside.
For those who can see the museum as a whole,
know that besides knowing the Aircraft Carrier, you can still see the space
shuttle Enterprise, the prototype used by NASA, as well as the Growler submarine.

To better plan your visit, click HERE on the official website of the
museum, where you can see their schedules and prices.
After this visit, we made the walk to our hotel,
having bought on the way a pizza to eat in our room. The rest of the night was
dedicated to rest and pack, for tomorrow we would go to the next stage of our
family trip in America, Washington.

So this ware the 5 days of our Family Trip to New
York. We hope our tips help you to program you trip to this great city. Do not
forget to leave a Like, and to comment and share our Non Stop Family blog.


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