Lisbon with kids: 5 of the best museums to visit on your family trip to Lisbon


is our city and we are big fans of what it has to offer and we believe it is a
fabulous destination for traveling with children.

when you come to Lisbon, the time of stay in the city is usually between 3 to 5
days and, if this time is very good to get to know the city, we can also
guarantee that it will not be possible to know everything Lisbon has to offer
because, believe me, the offer is huge and increases with each passing day.
really enjoy planning our holidays before we go because we know that since we
are parents, a good organization allows us to make the most of our family trip
and make the whole experience even more enjoyable for the whole family.
we try to give as a parent is a good combination of fun and learning, and one
of the best places to do this is visiting museums, so when we visit a new
destination we always look for information about which museums to visit and, of
course, those which most captivate children.
what we would like to share with you in this post is our opinion on the best
museums to visit with children when making your family trip to Lisbon. Of
course this is not a definitive list of the best museums for children in
Lisbon, it is our opinion, adults and children, about the museums that we
consider best combine the leisure and learning.
conducting a survey of the best museums in the city of Lisbon, it is not very
likely that you will find the Navy Museum in the main choices. However, he is
one of our son’s favorites, and so is ours. For those who like history and who
like to discover the history of the places they visit, this is a museum par
excellence to get to know much of the history of Portugal, closely linked to
the sea and the sea voyages of the Portuguese around the world. For this museum
takes you to explore and know this route of the history of Portugal, from the
first adventures to the present.

not a very modern and interactive museum, the miniatures of the boats (some of
them enormous) will leave any child in a trance and, adding to it historical
relics scattered throughout the museum, are sure to leave the whole family
happy in the hours passed in this space.
in one of the most beautiful areas of Lisbon, in Belém right next to the
Jerónimos Monastery, its privileged location by the river makes this whole
experience more pleasant.
can access more information through the official website of the museum by
clicking here but, we already leave a valuable
tip, the entrance to the Museum of the Navy is free on the first Sunday of each
month, as well as on the following dates:
– Children’s
Day – June 1st (Free for childs until 12 years old)

Day of the Sea – 16 November

Day of Monuments and Sites – April 18

has always been one of the museums that most captivated our son, who descends
very early and, like many of the boys, developed an enormous fascination for
dinosaurs. Let us warn you that for those who visited other natural history
museums around the world, with wonderful collections and reproductions of dinosaur
fossils, you might be a bit disappointed with this one.

was a museum with a very rich collection, much as a result of the trips that
the Portuguese have made throughout the world throughout its history. However,
a fire in 1978 destroyed a good part of its estate and, when making a visit, it
is still possible to identify some vestiges of that fire.
much has already been done, although there is much to be done yet, and this is
undoubtedly a very pleasant museum to visit with family, especially when
coupled with the visit to the Botanical Garden, right next door and perfect for
a day out of sun, so characteristic of the city of Lisbon.
can access more information through the official website of the museum by
clicking here but, we also leave the tip
that you can visit both the Museum and the Botanical Garden free of charge
every Sunday morning.

far we have been referring to “old” museums in Lisbon, which probably
lack that modern air that many of us like. Well, this modern air can be found
in the Museum of Cars, mixed in perfection with history.

is probably the most well-known Portuguese museum and owner of a wealth of
immense history, which will take the whole family to feel like it would be a
car ride a few centuries ago and to explore not only the history of Portugal
but also of Europe.

recently relocated the museum, the change was very small and it is still
located in the beautiful area of ​​Belém with a magnificent view of the river,
and it is still possible to visit the old building, where part of the estate is
still there and we guarantee , just admire the building itself is well worth

In the Museum you will find a unique collection of coachs, that go from the century. XVI until the XIX and, this is
surely a visit that will have to be obligatory on your family trip to Lisbon.
can access more information through the official website of the museum by
clicking here.

is one of the museums we like the most, and I say we like it because it’s not a
museum just for kids, it’s for the whole family. Despite the wonder of
children, adults too easily fall in love with everything the museum has to

This museum of science was born in 1999 in the space that was destined
to the Pavilion of Knowledge of the Seas of EXPO 98, held in Portugal and, it
seems a giant laboratory and full of interactive activities that will entertain
the whole family for sure. In addition to its spectacular permanent exhibition,
it also has several temporary exhibitions, which always seek to perfectly ally
the ludic and pedagogical side.

is one of the newest museums in Lisbon, in a modern space and also next to the
Tagus River, but in the “new zone” of Lisbon, the old Expo, so
besides the tour, we recommend a walk through this area and, for a a perfect
day for the whole family, we recommend to join the visit to the Lisbon
Oceanarium (see our itinerary for a family trip in Lisbon).
can access more information about the Pavilion of Knowledge, namely on prices,
times, location and temporary exhibitions through the official website of the
museum clicking here.
also leave a tip that may be important. There are 3 days in the year in which
you can make your visit to the Pavilion of Knowledge for free:
16 of May: National Day of the Scientists
25th: Pavilion of Knowledge Anniversary
24: National Day of Scientific Culture
You can consult the prices through this link

we booked one of the last museums to appear in Lisbon, but for which we fell in
love immediately. The Money Museum, located in Lisbon’s History Zone, between
Praça do Comércio and Cais do Sodré, is a museum that seeks to explain the
history of money from antiquity to the present day and, if this may seem
annoying, we can ensure it is not, as the whole visit is spectacular.

start with the facilities of the Museum, which is located in an old church, the
Church of St. Julian, which was renovated in a fantastic way and, to make
everything even more interesting, during the restoration work was discovered an
old wall (Wall of Don Diniz) , which you can visit through a guided tour.
of the “Museum of the Year” award in 2017, during your visit you can
have contact with a permanent exhibition of more than 1200 objects, among them
a gold bar with more than 12 Kg that we can touch (never any of we had ever
touched a gold bar). But, we will also find all kinds of coins, notes and a
fabulous collection, which is enriched by the use of new technologies, which
make the whole experience more attractive for everyone.
the outset, we may think that seeing coins and notes is not at all the best
experience to hold in the family but, we can guarantee, a visit to this museum
will be worth it, guaranteed.
make the visit even more interesting, we inform you that the visit to the museum
is free, but be aware that the museum is only open from Wednesday to Saturday.
The Museum also has countless activities for children, for which you can
register online. To consult schedules, location and activities, we suggest you
check the official link by clicking here.
said going to a museum is not fun? Well we can ensure that this is wrong and a
visit to a museum can really be a great time spent as a family.
we mentioned at the beginning of our article, Lisbon is a city that has a lot
to offer to those who visit us and, as far as museums are concerned, this offer
is really vast and we are sure that our choices are not universal, different
opinions. Specifically the choices we have listed first, the Navy Museum and
the National Museum of Natural History and Science may not appear at the top of
the choices for many people. From our personal experience, we have always loved
these two museums, and for our son whenever we go there (and we have been many
times), it is always a party and often he asks to repeat these experiences.
the National Coach Museum, it does not appear so much in the first choices of our
son, but this is probably the most important museum in Portugal and, for those
who visit us, we strongly recommend that he be part of his itinerary, probably
the one that can not miss.
for the most recent museums on our list, if you have very little time in the
city of Lisbon, we believe that these two museums may be more difficult to fit
into your itinerary. However, we can guarantee that they will delight your

The Pavilion of Knowledge will be the one that will bring the most
fun to the whole family, it is great, but it takes at least 3 to 4 hours to really
get to know it, and tickets are not cheap, so this is always a factor to take
into account when making your choice. As for the Money Museum, as it is free,
it is in the historic part of Lisbon and your visit takes less time (2 hours
may be enough), it may be easier to fit into your family trip to Lisbon.
of your choices, we hope you will have a great time in Lisbon, and do not
forget to ask your questions, we would love to be able to help, we are also
waiting for your comments and if you have visited Lisbon, do not hesitate to
tell us about your experience. If you have not yet visited the city, here is
our 3 day itinerary for a family trip in Lisbon.

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