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Heyyy, we are back and this time with a beautiful cute little member, our son Vihaan. Our biggest bundle of joy came into our lives in 2018 and so we were more busy in changing nappies and cuddling rather than travelling.

Now that Vihaan is a little grown up, so we decided for Goa. This time our travel was more of eating and relaxing with a bit of revisiting the old churches. I will write details about our stay and travel in the next blog because first I want to write a blog about the amazing sea food that we sampled at Goa.

If you are a non-vegetarian, then you must try fish in Goa. Most restaurants serve very fresh fish that is caught on the same day. If you take a fish thali (“thali is an assemble of rice with various curries, salad,pickle etc) you have option of choosing the fish. Generally fish thalis can have either mackerel or kingfish or snapper. The price will vary as per the option one chooses with mackerel being the cheapest. The fish is freshly ‘rawa’ fried and served. As with most other things, thalis also cost much less in North Goa compared to South.

snapper fish piece

kingfish piece
This fish thali contains a kingfish piece
This fish thali contains a snapper piece

The other items that comes with a fish thali apart from the choice of your fish are given in clockwise order: salad and pickle, daal, mussels with dry shrimps, rice, Goan prawn curry.

When we last came to Colva before this trip, it was about 1.5 years back. That time there were 3 vendors who used to sell shawarmas just on the Colva circle. This time we found there were at least 6 shawarma shops. We tried from quite a few of the vendors everyday and found the restaurant ’49ERS’ selling the best shawarma at the least price.

The stack

Shawarma roll

Also don’t forget the coffee at ’49ERS’. A bit pricey at 40 bucks, but tastes great.

We also tried the chicken pakora at ’49ERS’ but honestly we didn’t like it since the taste was not that great.

chicken pakora with coriander chutney

chicken pakora with coriander chutney

Now the BEST place where we had lunch was Anand Bar and Restaurant at Anjuna. The place was recommended by a friend and I cannot thank her enough. She is a local and a big time foodie.

No matter how much I rave about the food, it will always fall short. The restaurant is always crowded and that might take a little extra time to deliver your order. The food is outstanding.  The food items are priced reasonably and quantity is also good.


A special prawn preparation

spicy prawn fry

Red snapper fry

Red snapper fry

We missed giant crabs as it was not available. So it will be there for our next visit.


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