10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Lima

We have to
be honest, when we decided to go to Peru on vacation, it was not with the intention of going to Lima. Like the vast majority of visitors entering Peru,
our goal was to go to the city of Cusco, where we could meet and explore our
great desire, Machu Picchu.

But after
marking our trip to Peru, we began to investigate further and to search for
information about Lima, to see how long we should stay there because it would
be through its international airport that we would enter the country. Having finished
our research on our destination, we decided to stay 3 nights in Lima and, at a
good time, we decided, because it is very worthwhile to book your travel time
to visit the capital and the largest city in Peru.

In this
way, we would like to leave our testimony and give 10 reasons to know Lima, “The City of Kings”, and hope that these reasons help them to spend some
time of their trip to this city and its charms.

We did not
know but, a quick internet search on Lima will soon lead you to discover that
Lima is inseparable from delicious food. In fact, not only Lima but the whole country lives in a deep bound with good the food and, for those of us who love to enjoy the gastronomy of the countries that visit, you may believe that in Lima you will
have one of your destinations of choice.

having some of the best restaurants in the world (we have not been able to try
them), with great ease you will be able to have great meals in several other places, it’s so easy to find good places to eat! On our trip, we fell in love
with Ceviche, Lomo Saltado, Aji de Gallina, and so much more. The variety of
dishes is enormous! We just have not been able to taste the Cui, they’re too
cute for us to eat.

Another of
the attractions of Lima is the museums, something that may surprise those who
do not know a bit about Lima. The most famous and perhaps the most essential to
know the History of Peru, is the Larco Museum, with its vast exposition of
historical objects that seek to help to know the history of Peru that go from the beginning of the first civilizations that lived in Peru
until the Incas period.

But Larco museum is not the only one that deserves a visit when in Lima.
Also worth visiting is MALI (Lima Art Museum), MATE Museum (Mario Testino
Museum), where you can admire the work of Mario Testino, one of the most famous
celebrity photographers in the world. Another museum that will not fail to
captivate you is the Pisco Museum, where you can learn all about (and taste)
one of the most delicious and famous local drinks. These are some examples,
among several, that will surely leave you with the feeling of well spent time.

3. Archaeological sites

Of course, we have the idea that going to Machu Picchu will be the highlight of our trip, but what better way to prepare ourselves for this experience than to know pre-Inca ruins? And, that’s what Lima does not lack.

At a distance not too high, you can see ruins like Huaca Huallamarca and Huaca Pucllana, which will give you a better understanding of the history of Peru before Columbus arrived in 1532. But, these are just 2 great examples, because easily you will find much more.

4- Historic Center of Lima

Historical Center of Lima is perhaps the most famous image of Lima and it is
not by chance since it has been classified as a World Heritage Site of Unesco
since 1988. 

When you are in the Plaza de Armas, you can easily see the Basilica
and the Convent San Francisco, the Cathedral of Lima, the Government Palace of
Peru and the Archiepiscopal Palace, but in the space called “Damero de
Pizarro”, there are 608 historical monuments built during the time of the
Hispanic presence in Lima. sure this area is a must visit for anyone in Lima.

For us, the trip to Lima was the first opportunity to see the Pacific Ocean, never before had
we had this opportunity, and for sure we wanted to enjoy it. If you usually stroll by the sea, usually you do it really close to the
sea but, in Lima, the traditional walk by the sea is held on the top of the cliffs
and this is one of the must-do in Lima.

On your walk by the “Malecóns”, be sure to visit the Love Park (Parque de Amor) and, if you wish, you can rent bicycles and do this riding. If you are very
adventurous and have about 70 USD, you can do paragliding over
the beach, something incredible for the bravest.

Has we are talking about sports, let’s talk about surf. Lima may not
be a well-known destination for surf but, we can guarantee that in Lima what is not lacking in good
waves for those who want to surf. No matter if you are already an experienced
surfer or, if you want to try it for the first time, there is the possibility
of taking lessons and/or renting equipment. Just get ready, here the waters
of the Pacific Ocean are cold, so you need the right equipment.

like to go out and dance, so if you want to know a little of Peruvian life, do not
forget to try the Peruvian night, being that Lima is par excellence a place
where you can enjoy the great nightlife. Many of the bars are concentrated in 3 areas, namely
Barranco, Miraflores and Centro Histórico. Peruvians do not leave very early for the party, usually, they start from 11:00 p.m., time when you’ll find that many places of nightlife are
beginning to come to life, and you just have to choose the style that pleases
you most. Of course, we can not fail to recommend that you visit “Una Peña” and
dance to the contagious rhythm of Creole music.

This park
is one of the biggest attractions in Lima but, in our opinion, it really has the best enchantment at night, when
its fountains gain light and color and the whole space looks like an enchanted

As we
travel with our son, this is an area that we do not explore but, in Lima, you can explore to the maximum because what is not lacking in Lima are
casinos, from the smallest to the largest. So, if you like it, feel free to trie it, because the offer is huge.

If you want to trie it, we leave the suggestion of the Atlantic City Casino, probably the best know casino of Lima, located in Miraflores.

10- Soft weather 

Welcome to
the city where it rarely rains. This way, you do not have to worry about the
possibility of your tour being interrupted by rain. Although Lima is often
covered by clouds and even fog, the truth is that it rarely rains, and the
climate tends to be moderate, with temperatures rarely falling below 10º and
more than 30º so your plans will be spoiled by atmospheric conditions.

We hope that this set of qualities of Lima will help
you decide to explore this vibrant and contagious city. Our personal experience
compels us to say that it was a great decision to take a few days to get to
know Lima, which is why we highly recommend this experience.

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