What is the best place to stay in Ao Nang? How to Choose the Right Hotel for You

As we
have mentioned earlier articles, Ao Nang is an ideal place to make your base to
explore the treasures of the Andaman Sea. With a nearby airport (you can see here the best way to go from Krabi airport to Ao Nang), which has a wide variety of
flights from different destinations, especially from the capital of Thailand,
Bangkok, and also including several international flights.

guarantee that if the first image you have of Ao Nang is the beach, you will
not be blown away. Although it is a 
huge and beautiful beach, it is not, in
fact, the most beautiful in the area, so you may find yourself wondering why so many decide to stay in this village, instead of moving to another destination and stay
next to more paradisiacal beaches.

One of
the reasons that lead us to our decision was because, despite being a small village, it
has everything we need, in particular, good hotels at great prices, much more
affordable than other nearby areas. It also has a huge gastronomic offer, where
there are several options for eating great food at very 
affordable prices.

Another reason relates to health issues, because in case of need, Ao Nang has that capacity and, if necessary, there is even more health offer in nearby Krabi, which is easily accessible.
The ease access, as previously mentioned, was also one of the reasons for staying here,
because of the proximity to the airport and ease of connection to Ao Nang.
of the issues that captivate in Ao Nang is the familiar factor. Although it
has a lot of possibilities connected to nightlife, with a reasonable set of
bars and nightclubs, especially on the street by the beach, it is not as lively
as nightlife, such as Phuket. And if it is true that we like to go out a little
at night, choose a good restaurant and even listen to good live music, huge
discos are not our wish, so Ao Nang best fits the wishes of a family trip than
other paradisiacal destinations in Thailand.
If the
nightclub and nightlife offerings may not be the stronghold of Ao Nang, what
you will not find difficult to find will be tourist agencies that will allow
you to visit all the attractions you want in this piece of paradise and, you
will see, that Ao Nang ends up being a perfect place to start exploring, as
options will not be lacking, you just have to organize and, of course, to have money for that, because they don’t come for free. However, after a price review, what we found
in Ao Nang were far more affordable prices than if we did the same activities
from Phuket.
If you
have chosen to stay in Ao Nang, you will pass to the second phase: to
choose the best place to stay in Ao Nang, which, it may seem
confusing but, with some research, we promise it will be an easy decision.
It will
not be up to us to say which is the best hotel to stay at. This decision is
always up to every traveler, who will have to make the choice that suits his
needs, his style of traveler, the number of travelers and, among other factors,
one always very important, the budget that you want to spend on your stay.
very good that Ao Nang has is that it is not at all difficult to orient
yourself along the village, since the generality of the “life”, is
located along the beach or, in the main street towards the airport, known as Airport Street, in a total distance of around 3 km, so you can
easily move from one place to another on foot or, if necessary, have the always
useful tuk-tuk, which for very accessible values ​​can take you where you want.

when looking for a hotel, it is advisable to search within this area or, not
far from it. However, there are still some factors to consider. Right next to
the beach, you can have the clear advantage of accessibility, and who does not
love being able to fall asleep listening to the waves of the sea and, wake up,
open the window and see its beauty? However, in Ao Nang, the hotels closest to
the sea that is located on the main street tend to be a bit older, so keep
this factor in mind when doing your research. Another inconvenience may be the
noise, although it is not very intensive, there is still a good offer for
evening entertainment and if you want to stay right on the main street when exploring
the desired hotel, look for the always useful opinions of previous guests in
relation to the noise that is heard inside the rooms, because it is not at all
pleasant not being able to sleep decently during the holidays.
A bit
more out of the center but, not far away, you will find more new hotels,
which may force you to walk a little to get to the beach but generally are short hikes.
Some hotels that are not located by the sea have the possibility of free
transport to the beach, as was the case of the Hotel we chose, Ibis Stiles Ao Nang which, despite being relatively close to the beach, 1 km, had a tuk-tuk
who regularly departed for the beach and then made the return trip, which can
be a very good value.
It is
worth mentioning that, Airport Street, which rises from Ao Nang Beach, is the place where you can get great meals at good prices because of the restaurant
offer is huge.
On the opposite side of Ao Nang is the beach of Noppharat Thara, where here too the
hotel offer is vast, where it is also possible to get good quality hotels at
good prices. Also in this area, you can find a wide range of restaurants, and
there is also a huge offer of tourist agencies, which take tourists to the
activities, whether in Ao Nang or in Noppharat Thara Beach, which are near each other.
As we
have been referring to in our article, it is not very difficult to get you
oriented in Ao Nang, since all life converges by the sea or, in the
continuation to Airport Road, areas in which we recommend you to stay. As the
distance from the beach is not much, what we invite is always to look for the
lodging that best suits their pretensions and price range, although we can
guarantee that, in Ao Nang, is possible to get very good prices for hotels with
good conditions.

You can
also, find hotels of superior quality outside the areas mentioned but, that has
the disadvantages of, when you need to go to the beach or when you want to
choose where to eat, you will have to look for a means of transport, so we
advise you to take into account these questions at the time of choosing.
Sometimes you can find great options in the all-inclusive option, which lessens
the need to look for food outside the hotel which, in cases where you are far
from the center, can be more difficult and expensive. Sometimes hotels have
transportation and tour offerings, and the fact that a person is farther from
the center, where the offer is higher and better prices can be obtained, may
lead to accepting the prices proposed by the hotel.

What we recommend is that
you do not accept the first offerings that you are given in the hotel and, in the first
trips that you take in Ao Nang, look for various tourist agencies and try to reach
the best prices possible. As for transport, more than accepting the prices that
hotels can propose, almost certainly when you leave the hotel doors you can
easily find tuk-tuks or taxis that can take you to your destinations, but of
course you will not forget the usual price negotiation.

we highly recommend staying in Ao Nang during your trip to Thailand, it is a perfect destination with all the conditions you might need and without the
floods you see in other places in Thailand.

We hope our tips help you to program your trip to Thailand and that your family enjoys Krabi. If you still don’t have a place to stay in Thailand, we always do our reservations with booking, they are our partners and its with them that we get the best deals. You can look for the best deals in the city of Ao Nang by clicking here, it won’t cost you any money and, it helps us to support our blog.


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