Is it safe to travel to Machu Picchu with kids? Safety Tips to discover Machu Picchu with children

Machu Picchu was an old dream of the adults of our
family, a dream that we have recently had the enormous privilege of discovering,
and we strongly recommend to those who can visit, we promise you will have a wonderful experience.
Unless you decide to go to Machu Picchu through an agency, that will prepare for you your entire itinerary, you will find that
organizing your trip to Machu Picchu will require a lot of preparation. We are obliged to say that this type of preparation is something which gives us
great pleasure and ends up being a way to start traveling long before the
departure date (if you are preparing your trip to Machu Picchu, here are our tips about 20 things to know before preparing your trip to Machu Picchu). In
addition to the pleasure of all the preparation, we can not forget how much
cheaper a trip can be when prepared by yourself compared to those bought by
agencies. Not that we have anything against the travel agencies, we have
traveled through several, but, increasingly, we try to organize our own
The destination Machu Picchu is extremely familiar to
many of us, but one of the questions we posed was whether this would be a safe
trip to do with our son because, although we love to explore and know the
world, something we always take into account in relation to any destination we
select is about the security of it. With this concern, we do not mean that we
are just looking for beach and hotel destinations, none of this (although we
also, like it, we like everything that is related to traveling), but we want to
be sure that we go to a place that offers us the necessary to be safe to our son.
In this way, we started a search about the security of the destination to kids, a search we did not
consider very easy to perform, because the level of information we found on the
internet was not much and sometimes it was not easy to find.
However, having gathered as much information we could, we made
the decision to go and, of course, going there would have to be with our 7 year
old son and it was the best decision we made, so when we are asked if this is a
good trip to do with children, our answer is: Yes, definitely.

After the trip, we felt that it was truly an enriching
experience for the whole family and that we felt it was our duty to convey to
those who, like us, felt the need to feel more secure before embarking on this
adventure. You don’t need to be afraid of it, just prepare your trip properly and advance, you certainly will
not regret it.

Safety tips to discover Machu Picchu with kids

Let’s be honest and say that we know Machu Picchu in
the “lazy” way, that is, through the train trip, instead of the more
tiring but also a more spectacular possibility, to walk along the Inca Trail for
4 days. 

Even if we did it the “lazy way”, this phenomenal trip that we recommend a lot has the need of some preparation, so you can feel safe and, of course, to avoid taking any unnecessary risk.


One of the issues that worried us about Peru was
associated with security, as several reports point to the existence of high
crime rates and problems associated with internal conflicts. Fortunately, Machu
Picchu, which is in the Cusco area, is relatively safe, and crime reports are
usually small events, such as petty thefts. In this way, as long as you take
the usual security measures when traveling to any destination, namely being
very careful with your belongings, there is nothing to worry about.


Health insurance: In addition to safety, another major
issue that raises many concerns about a trip to a new country is directly
related to health conditions. Although there is a national health system in
Peru, it is most likely, if necessary, that you will be referred to a private service. In Cusco, they have good conditions but may be expensive, so that
international health insurance is always advisable, and always make sure your insurance works with your destination.
Vaccines: It is not our intention to talk about the
specific vaccines that you will need to have, although they may not be
mandatory in Peru, they are highly recommended. Our main suggestion is that you
always inform your doctor and, preferably, that you go to a traveler’s
consultation, that better than anyone else can advise you on the appropriate
measures to take. Do not forget that some vaccines require a minimum amount of
time before moving to your destination, so do not leave the doctor appointment for the last
time. The main recommendations are generally linked to the prevention of
tetanus, hepatitis A and B, and yellow fever. In Cusco, there is no concern
about malaria, but once again our information is just that, this is an issue
that requires the need for medical advice, especially for those who travel with
Altitude sickness: the altitude sickness (soroche
as it is known by locals) is really one of the factors that causes fear to
those who travel to Machu Picchu. Although Machu Picchu is about 2,400 meters
above sea level, the real problem is when you land in Cusco, which is about
3400 meters and is the largest gateway in the Andes for anyone who wants to
visit Machu Picchu, and where many people usually stay before visiting Machu
Picchu, and also where many suffer the greatest consequences of altitude
The truth is that
it may be impossible to prevent 100% the consequences of altitude sickness, however, there are measures
that can greatly reduce the probability of experiencing any discomfort or help
to overcome as soon as possible the symptoms that come to feel. Fortunately, in
our case, the symptoms were almost null, so we highly recommend reading the
article Altitude Sickness and Kids: How to prevent and help your child deal with altitude sickness.
Sun: Although we often find the sun shrouded in the
area of ​​Cusco, including Machu Picchu, the care taken with the sun is a
factor that can not be ignored in any way. Do not forget that it is very close
to the Equator, at more than 2000 meters of altitude, so the dangers associated
with sun exposure are high. Do not forget that in Machu Picchu there will not
be many shadows so you will have to take the necessary precautions. The first one is
suitable clothing, in particular, the need to wear a sun hat, preferably with
wide flaps. Another issue that can not be missed is the use of sunscreen that
is appropriate for your child.
Repellent: Something that also becomes very important
in your trip to Peru is an insect repellent. Believe me, when you go up to
Machu Picchu, you will feel that this is indeed an essential tool. When you are
preparing your trip, you will easily see several street vendors selling insect
repellent and the reason is that there are indeed a lot of mosquitoes in Machu Picchu, it is not convenient to facilitate, so use repellent and, just like the
sunscreen, there is a need to come back for it during your ride.

Food and Water

One thing we can promise, you will fall in love with
Peruvian gastronomy. We loved it. However, we recommend that you take particular
care with the water, we always drink bottled and even used it to wash our
teeth. We also recommend special care with vegetables and fruits not
disinfected, we only eat fruit after properly disinfected or, without the peel. As
for the rest, enjoy, the food in Peru, it’s really wonderful and, something that the
locals take very seriously, and they have reasons for it because it’s really great.

For your visit, it is forbidden to carry plastic
bottles into Machu Picchu. The truth is that, from our experience, this is not
a rule that is closely monitored and fulfilled, as we have seen several people
drinking water from plastic bottles. However, since you never know when the
rules may be applied more restrictively, what we recommend is that they carry
reusable bottles, such as the camper style, as these are possible to use, do
not forget that during your visit you will need to hydrate yourself often and
especially your children. The sun is usually very strong, you will spend a lot
of time walking, and with many ascents and descents of stairs, which increases
the degree of difficulty and the need for water.

Proper clothing

Be prepared that the weather conditions in Machu
Picchu can vary at a great speed. You can start the day with cold and rain, but
after an hour you may be standing on a strong sun that burns your skin. In
addition to the need to bring proper clothing to protect family members from
rain, look for layered clothing so that, with the heat, you can remove them and
be more comfortable. Again, do not forget to wear appropriate sun hats and,
even if the day is cloudy and the sun is covered, to apply sunblock to the
whole family, especially children.

Atmosphere conditions

This is another issue to think about when planning a
trip to Machu Picchu with children, the weather conditions we will find, so we
would like to tell you something about the weather conditions of Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu is in an area considered sub-tropical and
although it can not be said that there are huge variations of temperature
throughout the year, what is verified is that there are two distinct seasons,
which are the rainy season and the dry season.
Machu Picchu is in an area considered sub-tropical and
although it can not be said that there are huge variations of temperature
throughout the year, what is verified is that there are two distinct seasons,
which are the rainy season and the dry season.
Of course most of us dream of visiting Machu Picchu on
a beautiful sunny day but also dream of visiting being surrounded by the
smallest possible number of visitors. Of course, it is always difficult to get
the best of everything and many people risk going in the rainy season because,
of course, they will be able to see this wonder of the world with fewer people
but to visit with children, what we would recommend was to visit Machu Picchu
at the time dry as it becomes much easier for children to make the most of the richness of this wonderful place as well as less dangerous as walking on Machu
Picchu on the wet floor becomes slippery and more dangerous for children and
The dry season runs from mid-April to October.
Although it is hard to say with 100% certainty that you will not catch rain
during this period, the odds are much lower.

Final considerations

Take it easy and, enjoy. Of course, when you arrive in
Machu Picchu you will probably want to explore everything in your own way, but
as we well know, when we are with our children, we have to adjust our times and
respect the wishes and desires of our children. Machu Picchu is a fantastic
place, enigmatic and, it is this sensation that we must pass on to our
children, help them to make this the most wonderful experience ever, use your imagination and creativity to make this visit an adventure, let them imagine
what it would be like if the Incas were still living there. One idea that usually helps to make these experiences even more interesting to kids is to give them a camera
to his hands so they could do their photographic registration.

Something that also does not stop to marvel the
children are the existence of lamas in Machu Picchu and, they are docile and
they are very accustomed to the people, reason why it is possible to give them
parties and, something that also becomes fun is the possibility of stamping
your passport at the exit of Machu Picchu. Click here to discover how you can do it.

We can assure you that Machu Picchu is a wonderful
experience to carry out with children, we loved it and so did our son. Of
course we tried to make this experience the least tiring possible, so we felt
that it would not be appropriate to carry out the Inca Trail and also did not
go up from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu on foot, we chose to go by train
from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes and, from Aguas Calientes to
Machu Picchu
 by minibus, so we made this trip the easier way.

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We would also like to invite you to leave your opinion and questions and, in case you have already visited Machu Picchu, let us know what is your opinion and experience using our comments box. Thanks for your visit to our Non Stop Family Travel Blog, come back often and, if you liked our article, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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