What is the best time of year to visit Machu Picchu?

Several factors may be associated with vacations preparing. When we are parents and our children go to school, we begin to have a
greater limitation in the periods when we can book vacations and this has
increased somewhat the difficulty in getting better, either by air travel or
lodging. However, even taking into account the days of our children’s classes,
there is still a great possibility of marking our holidays and, within these
possibilities, we always try to study our destiny, to see which season best
fits our goals.

As we began to prepare our trip to Machu Picchu, one
of the questions we posed was the need to choose what would be the best time of
the year for us to make the trip.


First of all, you have to consider perhaps the most
important factor of all, the rain. Briefly, we can consider that there are two
distinct climatic periods in Machu Picchu, the summer, which runs from November
to March, in the middle of April, and the winter, when the rain is scarce,
which runs from mid-April to October.

Rainy season

Several people will ensure that they visit Machu
Picchu during the wetter and wetter summer season, and yet they have had a
great experience, catching little or no rain during their visit, and this is
quite possible. When it comes to the rainy season, it does not mean it rains every
day, and all day long, and if you decide to go in this season, you can really
have a great experience.
In addition to the possibility of having a day without
rain, you are more likely to get good prices, both in terms of stays and plane
flights if it is in the rainy season when compared to the dry season. Another reason that makes the trip even more interesting is the fact that, since many
people flee to this time, it is also in it that you can have the possibility of
seeing Machu Picchu with fewer visitors, which is always something much more
pleasant and, there is still an extra factor that increases the desire to
travel in these moments, which is the fact that with the rain, everything turns
green and full of life, which gives an extra charm to the place.
This is also the time when you can find more insects,
so be careful about this issue. We advise you to read here our post about some
safety ideas for your visit to Machu Picchu, especially if you travel with
An important issue linked to travel during the rainy season is the greater possibility of unforeseen events that are directly linked
to high rainfall, such as interrupting roads, closed paths, some damage,
something more difficult to do in the driest season.

Dry season

The dry season, which coincides with the winter in
Machu Picchu, which runs from about the middle of April until the end of
October. If your desire is to visit Machu Picchu with little chance of catching
rain, this is the time to go. Of course, in a subtropical climate, you can never
say 100% that you will not be able to catch rain, but the odds are even much
lower after May and, even when they occur, tend to be for shorter periods than
in rainy season.
The possibility of traveling at this time has this
great attraction of being less likely to rain, which, in addition to making your visit more comfortable and pleasant, also contributes to increasing safety
issues. It is that, as you will easily discover, strolling through Machu Picchu
forces many climbs and descents that, with time and calm, are done in relative safety.
However, its degree of difficulty tends to increase with heavy rains and the
probability of accumulating mud, something that does not happen in the dry
The great annoyance of traveling in the dry season is
that most visitors tend to save their holiday for that period and it is when
the larger crowds tend to check, so you will have greater difficulty in
achieving greater moments of quiet during your visit.
Another disadvantage is that, contrary to what we
refer to in the rainy season, the prices of air travel and stay tend to be
However, not every month is equally crowded. If you
want to have less confusion during your visit and stay, usually in Cusco or in
another nearby place located in the Sacred Valley, we recommend avoiding the
months of July and August, which coincide with the academic vacation months of
many children all over the world, moments taken to visit Machu Picchu.


When we talk about the best time of the year to visit
Machu Picchu, we are not only referring to your visit to Machu Picchu, because
like the vast majority of visitors, your visit will not only refer to Machu
Picchu, but will also seek to explore more riches that Vale Encantado has to
Going in the rainy season, as we mentioned before, it
may have some advantages but it can condition much of your trip and, until you
can not ignore some of your program goals.
Traveling during the months of July and August offer
much greater guarantees of visiting the whole area of
in good weather, without rain, but it will also be the months in which you will
probably have the highest prices for accommodation and flights, where it will
have to deal with larger crowds.
If you want to have good chances of having good the weather during your holidays, but not having so many crowds, May, June and
September will probably be the months that best converge.
April and October may be good travel possibilities
too, but here the rainfall is still slightly higher than in the other winter
months in Peru. Probably if you travel during the second half of April or, on
the first of October, you may catch a few rainy periods, but there is always
some uncertainty about the weather during these periods because they are
transitional. However, rainy periods tend to be very short in these months.
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