Is Lima safe to travel? 10 Travel Safety Tips for Your Trip to Lima - Peru

In 2019 we finally had the possibility to visit Peru,
one of our oldest dreams but, for those who leave Portugal, this was never one
of the most accessible destinations, which is why we had to postpone it. Until

Of course, like many of us, the desire to visit Peru
has one main goal, which goes by to visit Machu Picchu. However, we can
guarantee that, although we do not know in its entirety, Peru has much more to
offer than Machu Picchu. Do not get me wrong, Machu Picchu is really wonderful,
but what we mean is that if you go to Peru, do not just stop by to visit Machu
Picchu, because you can add to this wonder of the world many more fabulous
As it happened to us, many of us entered Peru through
Lima International Airport and if many people pick up a plane to take them to
Cusco on the same day, many others decide to take advantage of it to get to
know the city of Lima and book a few days of this trip to know this gigantic

And that was the question that we set ourselves, from
the moment we marked the trip to and from Lima: stay a few days in Lima or, go
directly to another destination in Peru? Of course, passing in Lima and not
knowing this city was something that did not make much sense to us, because our
desire to explore and know is what leads us to travel, and only with difficulty
would we stop taking advantage of this opportunity. However, when we read
reports about Lima, we had some concern about the safety of the city, so we
decided that it would be important to do good research on the issue before
deciding whether or not to stay in the city.

Although we love to travel, and especially to do with
our son, we are always looking for the right care and precautions, especially
in relation to health and safety issues, the last one being safety. which
raised more concerns when choosing whether to visit Lima or not.
Trying to answer this question as honestly as
possible, we can assure you that it is not the safest cities you will ever have
the opportunity to meet, but it is also not the most dangerous in the world,
which is why you are not in the top 50 most violent cities in the world. world,
as you can check here.

Our research led us to make the decision to visit Lima
and we ended up staying 3 nights in the city of Lima, and everything went very
positively, which is why we highly recommend this visit. In fact, we feel that
passing through Lima and catching an airplane directly to Cusco or another
destination leads you to miss the opportunity to explore and experience a vibrant city full of colors and flavors that will certainly not disappoint you
(see here’s our post on 10 reasons why you should visit Lima).
However, despite the recommendation from us and, we
can guarantee, of thousands of other tourists who visit Lima annually, safety
issues are definitely pertinent and, fundamentally, if you want the trip to
proceed in a positive way, as was our case.
In this way, we would like to leave some Safety Tips
for Your Trip to Lima which, we are sure, will be very useful when it comes to
getting to know this gigantic city.
1- Where to stay and where to walk. One of the
fundamental questions for those who visit Lima has to do with the places where
they walk and where they will be staying. The point is that not all places are
safe in Lima and if some are very closely guarded by police and you may feel
completely safe, many others do not have that kind of security and for a
tourist, often easy to identify, may increase the degree of danger from leaving
these safest places. When we speak to the safest places, they are those most
watched by local police, we refer to the neighborhood of Miraflores, Barranco,
San Isiro and, the Historic Center of Lima. The reason for this security is the importance that tourism has for the country’s economy and, as these are the
most visited districts by foreigners, the government has done all possible to
maintain high levels of security in these areas, and has everything success in
achieving it. Throughout these neighborhoods, we always feel great security
and we have always seen a high number of police forces to ensure the safety of
all (see here our article on which is the best place to stay in the city of Lima).
2- Travel in Lima. Another reason that should be taken
into account in Lima is the issue of security related to travel. The Transit in
Lima can be as chaotic as you can imagine in a South American city with more
than 10 million inhabitants. The city is really huge and will often have to
travel using local means of transport. One of the most famous is the
“combi”, where the trip itself turns out to be an experience and an
adventure. However, some of the small thefts that occur in the city are
sometimes carried out in these means of transport, as well as in the buses,
especially in the hours when they are fuller. We can not guarantee that this is
a matter of danger, but we felt it would be safer to ride a taxi, which in Lima
was always extremely cheap when compared to European prices (if you want to know the best way to get from Lima International Airport to the center of the city, you can see here our post that will help you make the best choice).
3- Walk of Taxi in Lima. Making your trips in Lima by
taxi can be a very comfortable option, easy and inexpensive. Taxi prices in
Lima is very cheap, at least when compared with European prices. However,
there are some issues to consider when picking up your cab. What you will
easily see when you walk along a road in Lima is that you will have dozens of
honking horns trying to get your attention to get into the taxi. We arrived in
Lima around 7am and, after leaving our bags, we went for a walk and look for a
place to eat breakfast. Our hotel was in Miraflores and, in a straight line of
1 km, surely at least 60 taxis whistled asking if we needed a taxi. At first, we
found everything very strange and even a little uncomfortable but, it is something
that we easily get used to and, cum a quick “no, gracias”, they go
their way and there is no more inconvenience.
However, when you really need to choose your taxi, it
is advisable to decide for one that is even identified as such, because there are
many taxis that do not offer their services on the street and, for safety
reasons, we advise avoiding them, since some reports of robberies are more
common in these types of taxis. There are many taxi companies in Lima, several
of them reliable and very professional. Some of the most famous companies in
Lima are Taxi Green, Lima Cabs, Taxi Satelital or Taxidatum. We have used the
Taxidatum company, which has a great service using WhatsApp, but any of those
mentioned, among others, usually offer great services.
Another important issue regarding taxis in Lima is
that they do not have taximeters and we do not advise you to go in without
first negotiating the price. The same is true when renting a taxi by phone or
message, always ask for the price and, if you are a tourist, the tendency is
always to present a higher price, so practice your trading skills. If you get
in a taxi without having the negotiated price, it will be more difficult to
negotiate, and your trip will probably be more expensive. So, before entering,
tell your destination, ask how much it costs and, only after they hit the final
value, it is advisable to enter.
In Lima, you also have the option to use Uber and
Cabify. We used both, and unlike other countries, we did not find great
differences in price that compensated. However, if you do not want to have the
job of negotiating, it is always an easy, comfortable and safe way to move
around the city.
4- Do not make it easy or make yourself noted. The crimes that
most easily happen in Lima are petty thefts. Of course, nobody is 100% free to
go through such a situation but even for those who live in safe places, as is
the case where we live, Portugal, this is a risk that exists and there is
nothing like not facilitating. Here we recommend the classic measures of safety,
such as not walking with bags easily “taken” to not facilitate the theft
by stretching, when sitting somewhere, do not put your belongings aside, leave
them in your logo, try to avoid displaying large amounts of money or valuables
such as cameras and mobile phones and of course, follow our first advice and
walk in the safest and most secure areas of Lima. Also, useful advice is to
leave your documents in the safe of the hotel and take a copy with you and when
you use your credit card, always have it in mind as there are cases of card
cloning in Peru.
5- Greater care at night. We have already talked about
the existence of neighborhoods that have security levels compared to others
that are less safe. However, when it comes to the night, we recommend some extra
care, especially in the Historic Center of Lima, which is very safe during the
day but at night the safety conditions tend to decrease, which is why in our
article on the best places to stay in Lima this is not one of the zones of choice, in our opinion, of course.
With regard to Miraflores, Isidro, and Barrancos, they
are very busy areas and we do not feel any security problems, especially in
Miraflores, where we stayed, but in other areas, the care should be higher. We
recommend special care if you are a woman traveling alone, so you should always
try to travel in larger groups or by using taxis from official companies.
6- Do not offer resistance. Material goods are
the least precious thing we have in life. In case of assault, do not offer
resistance, material goods are always possible to replace.
7- Health care. Traveling to Peru should always lead to a
medical visit of the traveler and, if it is done with children, this need
becomes even greater. We recommend that you take care of the water you drink,
do not drink from the tap, always bottled. Regarding food, in addition to the
natural care you should have with the choice of places where you eat, we are
forced to say that it was an extraordinary surprise because Lima is a city
that offers a gigantic, wonderful gastronomic variety, one of the best in the
8- Fake money. It has not happened to us, luckily,
but the existence of false money is something that happens in the streets of
Lima. In fact, it seems that it is in Peru and especially in Lima that there
are the best counterfeiters of money and they do it with enormous skill. When
we arrived in Lima, we began to notice that almost every time we shopped our
money was checked by merchants almost always, and even coins, something that
had never happened to us anywhere in the world. Since we are not with Peruvian
money, it can be difficult to find out how to identify false money, but we
invite you to see here this site that explains some techniques of detection but in particular be very careful
where you exchange money and always ask for a receipt when you do so.
9- Health Insurance. In Lima, there is good medical
care. However, the best care tends to be private and, if necessary, the
costs can be very high, so it is never too much to recommend that you not
travel without the protection of good health insurance. Find out in advance
what the insurance covers and if your destination is covered by the policy.
10- Good sense. Not only in Lima but, as in any
destination, common sense is fundamental when embarking on a trip. Traveling in
Lima is safe as long as you follow the usual precautions that are required of any
traveler. Lima has some areas that are less recommendable to tourists and we
did not visit them. If you do, we recommend that you do so only with a local
guide, but if you restrict yourself to the areas we have mentioned, you are
unlikely to have any problems. As elsewhere, you should not draw attention to
yourself as a tourist, it will be more easily noticed, but if you often display
large amounts of money or expensive electronic devices, you may increase your
level of risk. However, these issues do not only apply to Lima, but they also apply to
the vast majority of places we visit and there is nothing like using common
sense to make a safe trip.
When using the basic rules of security and precaution,
the dangers of being the victim of a crime are always reduced, and experience
shows this, since Lima is visited by thousands of tourists daily and the number
of reported incidents to the police are low and, believe me, that in the
neighborhoods most visited by tourists, there are so many police, impossible to compare with any other destination in the world that we visited, which does not fail to
convey a sense of security to those who walk through the streets of Lima.

Lima may not be the most beautiful city you will
encounter, it can be confusing and chaotic but, if you give this city the
chance to meet you, you will discover a city full of life, culture, with a
wonderful gastronomy and a way of life which will surprise you, as it happened
with us, and hence our recommendation that should you have the opportunity to
do so, do not miss this vibrant city.

We hope that our research and experience can help when choosing where to stay in Lima. Although often, those who arrive in Peru through Lima do so with the intention of going to Lima, we invite you to reserve two or three nights at least to get to know this vibrant and lively city, for sure you will not regret your decision.

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We would also like to invite you to leave your opinion and questions and, in case you have already visited Lima, let us know what you think is the best place to stay in the city of Lima. Thanks for your visit to our Non Stop Family Travel Blog, come back often and, if you liked our article, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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